How to fill out a deposit slip: 8 steps

bank deposit slip

Each bank has its own deposit slip with the bank’s name and perhaps its routing number on it. Find yourself at a Bank Five Nine branch with questions? We are happy to help with any questions regarding how to fill out a deposit slip! We welcome any questions you may have, big or small. When you deposit money in a bank at a branch, you need to fill out a deposit slip to direct the funds to the right account.

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Business deposit slips also tend to have routing and account numbers preprinted on them. Now that you have all your cash and checks entered on your deposit slip, it’s time to enter the total deposit amount.

Checking Accounts

Manage your banking, investing and personal wealth strategy under this Citi® account. Deposit both of these at the same time, but if your checks aren’t signed by both you and the issuer, your deposit won’t be accepted. If you’re withdrawing any cash, write that number on the cash received line.

Plus there’s no minimum deposit requirement to open the account. If math isn’t your strong suit, a calculator can be an valuable tool when adding up your cash and checks. Enter the “fraction” number of the bank branch where the check originated and the amount of the check. The fraction is printed on the check just below the check number.

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If you want to score bonus points with the teller, enter your deposit amounts in dollars and cents. You’ll notice separate boxes for each entry on most deposit slips. The box on the far right is for the decimal portion, and the next box to the left is for the dollar amount. It’s not a big deal if this isn’t perfect, but with some deposits—especially large ones—tellers might require that you have all of your commas and decimals in the right place. Write your name and your account number on the deposit slip. If you have pre-printed deposit slips from the back of your checkbook, this is already done for you.

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  • Then, subtract any cash received, and enter the resulting amount on the “total” line.
  • If math isn’t your strong suit, a calculator can be an valuable tool when adding up your cash and checks.
  • An interest-bearing checking account designed for customers aged 55 and older.
  • These lines might be labeled as Checks with blank lines in front of the box lines, or not at all.

You must have a PIN and password to access online banking services. Visit banks to learn more about the types of checking accounts they offer, and decide which one best fits your needs or the needs of your household. A basic checking account is for someone who primarily wants to use checks to pay bills or everyday expenses. To avoid fees, some banks require a low minimum balance.

How to Fill Out a Deposit Slip

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