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However, trading with the broker has its bonuses too like fee-free deposits and withdrawals, and commission-free trades on indices, FX, and commodities. Clients can always access research materials through various online sources. However, it is crucial to have the client’s broker provide timely, in-depth, and accurate research materials.

  • Count me in, I want to get my money back and see Jeremiah Evans pay for scamming people.
  • As soon as the money has been approved, one will be able to trade instantly.
  • However, trading with the broker has its bonuses too like fee-free deposits and withdrawals, and commission-free trades on indices, FX, and commodities.
  • BitAlpha AI is a trading robot that provides optimal outcomes depending on market activity by gathering data from its customers.
  • That’s what markets do because markets are people and people have behavioral biases.

Its main office is based in Seychelles, but it has a global presence with the exception of a few jurisdictions, including the US. With LimeFX, users can trade over 800 financial instruments via the famous MetaTrader 5 platform. These financial instruments include shares, commodities, indices, and forex. It’s free, but I couldn’t find any information about when the demo account expires or how much virtual money you have available. After signing up, I received information about the demo account via email.

Both cryptocurrencies and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money. LimeFX does not offer any additional trading features other than what is already available through the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. However, users can take advantage of the MetaTrader marketplace to download thousands of additional technical indicators, automated trading strategies and copy trading services.

Most of the marketplaces that offer NFTs are likely reputable as well. But there are numerous bad actors who are abusing the ease of entry in the NFT market and exploiting these emotions to make quick easy money from unsuspecting investors/collectors. It pays for investors to be extra vigilant – the wild west lives on.

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The normal live trading account is subject to swap fees for any positions that are held overnight. For positions held over a weekend, the account gets a three-day swap fee charged on Wednesday. In CFD trading, swap rates refer to the interest added or withdrawn to a trading account for holding an open position overnight. When choosing an online broker, it’s important to pay attention to the company’s administrative body and regulatory status. Regulation by leading authorities means the broker is required to operate under certain rules and regulations to maintain the licensing.

  • This website includes information about cryptocurrencies, contracts for difference and other financial instruments, and about brokers, exchanges and other entities trading in such instruments.
  • If a broker you work with is not contributing to our platform, we will work with you to onboard their content.
  • The gathered data is based on market sentiment and assists users in automatically arranging trades in accordance with market trends and mood.
  • It is a trading platform that has seen tremendous growth over the last year.
  • We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform.

I have a giant list of convos and recorded conversations ready. We are currently looking for a lawyer locally to go after them. We’ve had our store live since November, but some of the other people have been having issues since April 2021. Contact us directly for further inquiries about our products and services.

When is LimeFX customer support

If we get a group I would love to see The Bull pay for his scam, get some out of money back and end up in prison. Clients can use other payment platforms for deposits and withdrawals such as bank wire transfers and credit/debit cards. LimeFX customer support is available 24 hours a day and five days a week. Customer support is offered majorly in English but clients can get support in other languages like Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Spanish.

LimeFX scam

Educational materials are key for traders, especially those who don’t have much experience in the financial markets. The educational materials on the broker’s website include a few trading videos, top trading tips, and a glossary of key terminology. At LimeFX traders have access to only one type of live trading account. They can also access a free demo account and an Islamic account.

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  • NCUA does not ask credit union members for such personal information.
  • I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.
  • This is actually positive, as it seems people are using the platform and liking it.
  • Visible Alpha enhances the buy-side LimeFX research process by extracting meaningful value from key sell-side assets.
  • In the absence of rules, and in the presence of so much money, the lines of business ethics tend to become blurred.

This, in turn, means the clients can trade with the broker with the assurance that their trading activities and funds are well secured. LimeFX offers users the ability to access mobile trading on the go from the MetaTrader 5 mobile trading app for Android and iOS systems. Both app download links can be found in the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. With a wide range of assets, competitive spreads, and a low minimum deposit, it is a great option for those who are new to online trading.

If a broker you work with is not contributing to our platform, we will work with you to onboard their content. If you are a broker who would like to start contributing content to Visible Alpha, please contact us. We are continually adding new companies across the globe to the platform.

This provides you with a normalized view of all the relevant metrics and key drivers in a clean, comparable consensus model. Our unique relationships with brokers gives us access to their analysts’ full working models. We then facilitate a seamless and protected distribution, consumption and collaboration experience across sell-side content. Our exclusive dataset VA Actuals captures historical data not found in filings or disclosed by companies. It is stitched together with forecast data for a seamless data experience to help you predict and identify market winners.

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly online trading platform, Bit Alpha AI is an excellent choice. Now that you’ve funded your account, you’re ready to start trading! To do this, just go to the “Trading” section of the platform and choose the asset you want to trade. You can either buy or sell the asset, and limefx cheating you can set your own price or take the best available price. Once your order is placed, it will be matched with another user’s order and the trade will be executed immediately. The data collected is based on market sentiment and helps the users by placing the trades automatically according to market trends and sentiment.

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It’s suitable for retail traders as well as institutional investors. LimeFX a registered brand name of Gulf Brokers Ltd – FSA regulated company. Seeking Alpha has been alleged to be a platform for market manipulators. Given Seeking Alpha’s popularity, some investors take advantage of it to manipulate the market for their benefit. They expect that this will create a lower entry point for them to buy the stock in the near future and they will profit once their biased and misrepresented article is rebutted.

LimeFX scam

Located in a stable and secured marketplace, LimeFX is an excellent choice to participate in global trading. Opening a live trading account with us is quick and easy , and you will have an immediate access to real markets. The Bit Alpha AI bot is available for free and can be accessed through the company’s website. There is also a demo account available so that users can try out the bot before they start trading with real money. As soon as the funds have been deposited, the program will begin analyzing market data and generating forecasts. It is believed that the accuracy of the signals is quite great, and this is one of the primary reasons why so many people use this technology.

All you need to do is invest in Bit Alpha AI and hold your LimeFX. From there, you can choose which currency you want to deposit limefx official site and follow the instructions. Once your deposit has been processed, you’ll be able to trade with those funds immediately.