The Ultimate Guide on DevOps implementation: Principles, Responsibilities, Tools

Jira is a powerful tool that plans, tracks, and manages software development projects, keeping your immediate teammates and the extended organization in the loop on the status of your work. When a software team is on the path to practicing DevOps, it’s important to understand that different teams require different structures, depending on the greater context of the company and its appetite for change. The biggest challenge with enforcing business-specific responsibilities is getting buy-in from respective business units to change their processes, which is not always easy, even considering the value the change provides. However, the change has to happen in order for IT to provide the most value to the organization. Perhaps the most common example is the marketing group notifying the operations group about a projected surge of traffic to the website.

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Depending on business mission and operational practices, an organization’s team structure and interaction methods will differ from company to company. Different organizational structures reflect different strategies and business models. There is not a “silver bullet” approach, but there are certain operational models that you can consider. This slide provides information regarding DevOps containerization in IT infrastructure for overall process automation.


DevOps team structure plays a crucial role in fully leveraging DevOps benefits. As such, organizations should ensure that the team is built with the right people with a clear definition of DevOps roles and responsibilities. As a result, Cox Automotive was able to go from 2-month cycles to 2-week sprints, delivering MVP and enabling iteration with business partners in each sprint. The DevOps engineer is usually a “jack of all trades” who has knowledge and experience with both development and operations. The role requires an individual who can adapt to new technologies and is willing to embrace new challenges in development, such as cloud infrastructure. DevOps teams are made up of people who are skilled in both development and operations.

DevOps is recognized worldwide to make rapid updates to web environments with minimum impact on consumers. This team structure assumes a tight integration between the Dev and Ops teams. They act as a united front, with shared goals and unified product vision. Sometimes, this practice is also called “NoOps” as it does not assume having a segregated and visible Ops-team. Multiple handovers from one team to another, delays, quality issues, reworks, bottlenecks and stress are now part of your daily job. This is because your matrix organizations are not meant to do any better than that, as long they continue focusing on a opaque and fake illusion of cost optimization.

devops organization structure

Share and navigate important information on four stages that need your due attention. This template can be used to pitch topics like enhanced collaboration, improved performance, optimized customer experience, overall cost reduction. With Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance going hand in hand, QA teams are happier now as quality is not just their job, but it turns into DevOps Team responsibilities. Building a startup team structure by assigning roles and duties is indispensable and essential for running new companies smoothly. When employees have a defined role, they can focus on their work and complete the projects on time which is crucial for any startup. Startup organizational structures can vary as the business grows; you may need a dedicated sales team, project team, and HR team.

DevOps roles: Security and Compliance Engineer

After building an environment based on DevOps practices and a solid team structure, organizations cannot sit back and expect to see positive results. Therefore, organizations must continuously measure the effectiveness of their DevOps team structure, roles, and environment. They’re responsible for the entire software release cycle from planning to development and delivery. Their job is to supervise the team members and ensure that every stage of the software development lifecycle runs smoothly. The role of the DevOps evangelist is to remove silos between the development and operations teams.

devops organization structure

In the long run, this will not only create a DevOps team structure based on a specific objective or goal, but also increase visibility amongst team members and allow them to have a sense of purpose in their day-to-day work. Whether it’s with two pizzas in a conference room or the adoption of real-time collaboration tools and easily updated documentation, organizations devops organization structure must make an effort to bring DevOps teams together. The particular activities and tasks will vary, depending on the existing corporate culture, proximity to like-minded IT folks and leadership. Get ideas from the experts’ advice below, and formulate a plan to introduce everyone to DevOps, get them excited about it and ensure ongoing communication.


DevOps frameworks operate at breakneck speed, evolving and developing, and are essential to efficiently enabling, testing, monitoring, and releasing features. As well, Ops will be responsible for generating and cultivating new solutions, aimed at reducing the development and deployment times and pass on that information to Devs. To manage this, you should encourage everyone in your team to become a generalist. You should encourage and enable them to continuously build new skills. As DevOps is started up as a pilot program, a DevOps team forms to learn the new tools and technologies and then begin implementation. Then they become their own silo, making sure the uneducated masses don’t spoil their new utopia.

You need to implement more configuration settings when an application accepts logins and relax rules when updates and other modes of operations are going on. Different rules should be implemented at different stages of development. Replatforming, Rehosting, Repurchasing, Rebuilding, refactoring, and retiring are some of the strategies that you could follow.

On the other hand, a DevOps team that is too small may leave your business overly dependent on a handful of key employees to handle DevOps work, creating issues when those employees leave or are temporarily unavailable. Developers translate the design into code, and are involved in supporting the code through testing and deployment. The focus on products over projects is one hallmark of digital transformation.

devops organization structure

On-call Incident management is not very different in DevOps environments. The only change is that developers are also involved in this process. Teams collaboratively identify vulnerabilities and are prepared to efficiently handle incidents. With monitoring tools, continuous feedback, and alerting tools, teams detect and respond and resolve issues along with a post-mortem process. Information security has to be incorporated at the earliest in DevOps.

Silo, teams organized around skillset – The technology team

It’s got that big old oracle database, or a sequel server database at the bottom. It’s got a big, thick tier in the middle, and it started out with the desktop client application, and this was pre web of course. You’ll also notice that I’ve put enterprise architecture as a part of the platform team, but I’ve left them over there in their bubble as well.

This can even take the form of “you build it, you run it”, with the same individuals developing and operating applications. As an example of how technology fits into an organization’s strategy, let’s consider a modern media company whose goal is to obtain the industry leadership in production and distribution of quality digital content. Although the business would not exist without technology, the company’s business objective is not software development; it is the production and delivery of its media content. In this scenario, technology is an enabler of business, and the organizational structure should reflect that.

DevOps Team Structure

In order to know how successful investment in DevOps initiatives are, leadership needs to determine if existing efforts are meeting expectations. We can use Key Performance Indicators to determine high performing DevOps teams. Below are a few sample KPIs which can be used to measure performance. Along with flexibility, DevOps employees need to know that they will have adequate time to put their newfound freedom to good use. If they are continually pressed for time while working on deliverables, they will soon burn out.

We work on the best platforms to build scalable and impeccable enterprise-grade solutions that help to gain market revenue. Showcase your business effectively on the web by leveraging our web development solutions formed to suit your business needs. This results in endless frustration over how team member’s resources are being managed. Everyone has a full roster all the time and there’s little downtime between projects.

  • Often referred to as NoOps, this team structure is utilized mainly in technology companies that have a single primary digital product such as Facebook, Twitter, or Netflix.
  • He has a passion for productivity and data analytics to make the right decision and tuning the teams to perform more efficiently through self-improving.
  • Secondly, collaboration is important across the infrastructure so that members can ask questions, share things and keep everyone updated with the progress.
  • They implement best practices and use the right tools and technologies to automate various processes, such as using container orchestration to automate deployments on the cloud.
  • Blameless provides an excellent platform for DevOps and SRE teams to align their interests and work together towards making decisions and bringing change!
  • What they care is to make sure that none of their doors are left open after projects will go nasty and everyone starts to finger-point.
  • It contains large content boxes to add your information on topics like minimum, medium, maximum.

A startup organizational structure establishes a communication channel between business owners, management, clients, and workers. Everyone knows whom to contact for specific requirements that promote a smoother flow of information. The chief executive officer and other managers in the core management team often take feedback from the frontline employees involved in executing business operations. A startup team structure ensures a designated decision-making body that takes input from all the stakeholders and makes prompt decisions. Last but not least, DevOps teams are responsible for the implementation of actionable monitoring solutions. The organization needs to collect data and know how they can take action with it.

When your message is delivered in one context but received in another, it creates a set of false expectations for both parties. Without full understanding of strategic goals and without being kept in a loop when those goals shift or change, IT cannot effectively plan its support tactics and will fail to deliver value. Similarly, as I discuss in Chapter 5, decision makers from all groups can benefit from cross-departmental domain knowledge.

Table Of Contents For Devops Implementation And Advisory Proposal IT Determine Structure PDF

This is a Table Of Contents For Devops Implementation And Advisory Proposal IT Determine Structure PDF template with various stages. Focus and dispense information on seven stages using this creative set, that comes with editable features. It contains large content boxes to add your information on topics like Services, Development, Investment, Determine, Project Overview . You need to have a security or compliance engineer on board to keep your organization safe. They do this by ensuring the developed product meets the set of regulations and standards. Such a step is crucial in building the trust of the users apart from keeping your organization away from lawsuits.

Turning Opportunity Into Solid, Growth-Driving Data

Engage with AWS-certified DevOps engineers, who can help you effectively develop, automate, deploy and launch your product on AWS. 24/7 support, staff training and adherence to the latest industry best practices are among the few perks you’ll gain. It assumes putting one or several DevOps engineers in charge of all the operations and deployment processes. The main drawback here is a possible decrease in software quality during the implementation of new changes.

DevOps Team Topologies

From a PR perspective, being featured on the front page of a major news site is a big success. From a technology perspective, it’s a disaster that pushes the system over the projected capacity, causing a poor user experience and forcing the entire team into firefighting mode in order to accommodate the traffic spike. Such issues can be avoided with adequate advance notice, allowing some time to prepare to scale with the surge. Business groups must define the context for an organization’s strategic vision. Without it, you’re creating disjointed channels for data sharing, each with its own context.

Things were not much different for the other players who were involved in software development. This means that they tried to stick to the single task that was assigned to the role and once it is done, the product was passed on to the next level. It is the role of the security engineer to ensure that the product under development is safe from any kind of attack.